Best Price

Looking for the best price or better than our advertised specials?  Most of our customers are and we'll make it easy to find it.  Here are some questions we ask to help you find the best terms available and why we ask them.

Where will the car be registered?  
3 reasons we ask:
1. INFINITI offers regional pricing based on the registered address.
2. Correct taxes and government fees.  On a lease for example Miami-Dade county residents pay 7% tax on the monthly payment, while Broward is 6%.  We want to quote you accurately.
3. We support our local customers so if you live in our area you get better new car pricing than someone from out of our area.  Our advertised specials are for Miami-Dade and Broward county residents only.  

What are you driving now? 
We want to make an offer on your car.  If you give us an opportunity to buy yours, you give us an opportunity to resell it, which in turn may give us an opportunity to consider a better new car offer for you.  If you are in a lease right now, even if its finished, we look at that too.  Buying off lease cars from our customers is one of our best ways to source our used inventory and makes it easier for our customers too.  As a customer if we buy your leased car you avoid the car going back to the leasing company, so no bills for excess wear and tear, mileage, or disposition fees.

In whose name will it be registered?  
INFINITI sometimes sends private offers to customers or households that are or were INFINITI owners.  We'll search to make sure all available programs are found and applied to your offer.  

Owner Loyalty Offers.  
When it's time to return your INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) lease we'll waive your $395 disposition fee if you lease or purchase a new INFINITI through IFS.

Are you and/or your spouse military?  
INFINITI a program for that too.  Just let us know and we'll provide your military offer pricing.  Thank you for your service 

Who are the employers for you and/or your spouse?  
INFINITI has offers for certain employers. So if you or your spouse's employer is named on this list you will qualify for additional offers.  Amount will vary based on the model and terms you choose.  To qualify you must provide a recent pay statement and/or employee badge.  

Are you or anyone in your household an Uber driver?
Let us know!  We have an offer for that which varies based on the model and terms you choose. 

Do we offer special finance?  
Yes, we work with all credit scores.  We have relationships with many lenders to help you find your best option easily.  For fastest service complete an application here and we'll get to work for you.  

Still have questions?  We're here to help.  Call or text us at +1-305-690-6006.
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