End of Lease

There are 3 options for you to consider: 
1. Replace your lease with a new INFINITI and take advantage of Loyalty Offers.
2. Return your lease to us.
3. Purchase your lease.  Let us know when you're ready and we'll provide purchase and/or finance options.  

Here are some resources most customers look for and answers to frequently asked questions:

Excess Wear & Use Guidelines 
At the end of your lease, an inspection is completed before you turn your vehicle in to us.  Having the inspection done as soon as possible will help you prepare for any excess wear and use charges, and gives you time to review the repairs with us.

Schedule your free pre-return inspection
Schedule online or call +1-800-253-9026  
Facilitated by Alliance Inspection Management on behalf of INFINITI Financial Services (IFS). 

Non-chargeable vs. chargeable wear and use
We expect that, during the course of your lease, your INFINITI will experience normal wear and use, this is considered non-chargeable.  Definitions of excess wear and use that INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) considers chargeable can be found here: 

I didn't lease my car from Warren Henry INFINITI.  Can I return my lease here?
Yes, we will accept any INFINITI and Nissan lease no matter where you leased it originally.

Can someone who isn't on the lease or the owner return the lease? 
Yes, anyone can return a lease for anyone.

Can I get a ride home after returning my lease to Warren Henry INFINITI?
Yes, we'll get you home as long as you live in Miami-Dade or Broward county.

I'm considering purchasing my lease and would like information on service contracts / protection plans.
Hector Seminario, our Business Manager, will make it easy to have your questions answered.
Call or text Hector +1-754-999-1838 or email hseminario@warrenhenryauto.com.

I applied a security deposit on my current lease.  How do i get it back? 
Your security deposit will be returned in the form of a check from INFINITI Financial Services. If questions call INFINITI Financial Services +1-800-778-4211.  

Additional resources

Still have questions?  Call or text us at +1-305-690-6006.
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