How to Take Care of Your INFINITI’s Tires

How to Take Care of Your INFINITI's Tires

How to Take Care of Your INFINITI’s Tires

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In Miami, INFINITI drivers deserve the very best service and that is just what the Warren Henry INFINITI service center provides! Our certified technicians are ready to tackle any and all problems that you may be experiencing with your INFINITI model so you can get back on the road. Whether it’s a brake inspection, oil change, or tire rotation, you will get the best-quality service in the Miami, Florida area! We know that your INFINITI’s tires are incredibly important to your vehicle and your safety, that is why we are going over how you can take care of them below, so keep reading!

Why are good tires important for my safety?

No matter what kind of INFINITI model you drive, be it a Q50 or a QX60, the four tires you are riding on and the condition they are in, are vital to your safety and the safety of those in the vehicles around you. As the tires are the only contact your vehicle makes with the road, they are in charge of translating the direction you want to go from the steering wheel to the road, absorbing harsh terrain, and gripping the terrain for traction. If your tires are under-inflated, unbalanced, or worn out, they can not properly do their job.

What does rotating my tires do?

Rotating your tires is an easy task for our service technicians, but it’s important to know why you should be rotating your tires to make sure you get it done! Each of the four tires on your INFINITI model are wearing down at different rates because of where they are positioned on the vehicle. For example, the front tires typically wear a little faster because that is where the engine weight is placed. In order to wear out tires as evenly as possible, you need to rotate their position. One of the most popular rotations is swapping the positions of the front and rear tires as well as moving the tires on the right to left and the left tires to the right. This means the left rear tire will move to the front passenger side. This is just one of many tire rotations out there, our mechanics will choose the best rotation for your INFINITI model.

Should I get my tires aligned?

Of course, you should, but when you should get your tires aligned is determined by a few different things. First, is uneven wear. If you check the tread of your tires regularly, you will notice uneven wear pretty quickly and it is a good indication that you need an alignment. However, if you aren’t checking your tires’ treads very often you may notice that your steering wheel starts to vibrate or your INFINITI is pulling to the left or right when driving. An alignment adjusts the angles that the tires sit at to make sure they are connecting with the road properly. When performing an alignment, the technicians look for three things:
Caster: The angle that helps determine cornering, steering, and stability.
Toe: The extent to which the tires are turning inward or outward when the technician looks from above your INFINITI.
Camber: The inward or outward angle of the tires when the technician looks at your INFINITI model from the front.

Book a Tire Rotation or Alignment with Warren Henry INFINITI

If your INFINITI model needs a new set of tires, an alignment, or just a tire rotation, go ahead and book an appointment with our service center. You can fill out our online scheduler here or give our service advisors a call at 305-653-6382. We look forward to working with you to keep your INFINITI model running just as it should for years to come!