INFINITI Oil Change Services Miami

INFINITI Oil Change Services Miami

INFINITI Oil Change Services Miami

Written by Warren Henry INFINITI

No matter what kind of INFINITI vehicle you drive, it’s pivotal that you get an oil change regularly. When you get a routine oil change, make sure that you have fresh oil swirling through your engine freely. This way, your INFINITI continues to run safely and smoothly. Our service center here at Warren Henry INFINITI is here to inspect and fully service your luxury vehicle and provide you with helpful tips to make sure that your INFINITI runs for a long time. Here is some helpful information when it comes to oil changes.

How long can I go between oil changes?

The rule of thumb is to get your oil changes twice a year or every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. However, it is recommended that you change the oil in your INFINITI every 3,000 miles. It’s important to keep in mind that these numbers can differ, and certain models could require synthetic oil. It would be best to consult your vehicle’s car manual for more specific information regarding oil changes, or you can contact our service department here at Warren Henry INFINITI. If you tend not to drive your INFINITI that much, you should expect to get an oil change every three months, no matter how many miles you put on it. Even if you haven’t driven your vehicle, you must replace the old oil so that your engine doesn’t lose its efficacy.

How does oil get dirty?

One of the main reasons to get your oil changed regularly is that it keeps your engine clean. As oil flows into your engine from many different areas, a lot of dirt and debris can build up. If you don’t change your oil when you need to, sludge will start to build up in your INFINITI’s engine, and if you tend to park your vehicle in a driveway, you can have even more particles getting in your oil. When you change your oil and the oil filters here at Warren Henry INFINITI, we will get those harmful particles out of your oil before it can do long-lasting damage to your engine.

Does changing your oil get you better gas milage?

Yes! Changing your oil on time will help get your INFINITI better gas mileage. Several factors can affect your miles per gallon, including millage, terrain, vehicle driving habits, and well as general maintenance. Not changing your oil on time will allow all of the dirt and grime to build up inside your INFINITI’s engine and cause friction, which is not good for your engine’s health or the fuel economy. Ensuring that your engine is clean and free from debris will help it run more smoothly and help your gas mileage. When it comes time to get an oil change, head down to Warren Henry INFINITI.

Will clean oil help my INFINITI pass an emissions test?

It will! To pass an emissions test, it’s important to get those harmful particles out of your oil. These particles, known as hydrocarbons, are being unloaded into the air. Failing to get your INFINITI’s oil changed regularly can cause a build up of hydrocarbons inside the small crevasses in your engine. These hydrocarbons end up getting burned, which causes more of them to be released into the atmosphere through your INFINITI’s exhaust. Changing your oil on time will help your vehicle pass an emissions test and helps you do less damage to the environment. As always, you can schedule your oil change here at Warren Henry INFINITI!

Where can I get my oil changed in Miami?

If it is starting to get to be time to get an oil change for your INFINITI, head down to Warren Henry INFINITI and make an appointment with our representatives. We pride ourselves in the work that we do, and if you need more extensive repair, we can take care of that for you as well. If you are wondering if you can make an appointment online, you can! We can’t wait to work on your INFINITI here at Warren Henry INFINITI!