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When it comes to automotive brands that you can really rely on, there is only one luxury brand that can really give you what you need. INFINITI has withstood the test of time, continuing to work as the best brand around. Not only will you find luxurious interiors, but they are always safe, coming with the latest in technology, ensuring that you and your passengers will be kept safe at all times. You also get the benefit of powerful standard engines, unique exteriors, and the ability to really make every INFINITI your own. Today we want to spend more time with INFINITI, and answer some of the pressing questions that you might be having! When looking at getting an INFINITI of your own, we want to make sure that you understand what you can find with these vehicles. Keep reading down below to have some of your most pressing INFINITI questions answered!

Service and Maintenance

Q. What’s the maintenance schedule for my vehicle?
A. The INFINITI Service and Maintenance Guide, if available, and the ‘Maintenance and schedules’
section of your Owner’s Manual gives a full explanation of the maintenance schedule for your INFINTI vehicle, including drive belts, engine coolant, engine oil and the spark plugs.
Q. What type of oil is recommended for INFINITI vehicles?
A. The ‘Technical and consumer information’ of your Owner’s Manual gives a full explanation of the capacities and recommended fluids/lubricants for your INFINITI vehicle, including fuel and engine oil information.
Q. Do INFINITI vehicles need premium gas?
A. The ‘Technical and consumer information’ of your Owner’s Manual gives a full explanation of the capacities and recommended fluids/lubricants for your INFINITI vehicle, including fuel and engine oil information.


Q. Where are the Intelligent Cruise Control indicators in my INFINITI?
A. This indicator, located on the vehicle information display, shows the cruise control system status. When cruise control is activated, a green circle will illuminate to indicate it is set. The vehicle information display will also display the speed the cruise control was set at.
If you accelerate past the set speed, the speed will blink until you either cancel cruise control or go back to the set speed. If cruise control is on and canceled, the speed will be displayed to show the speed the vehicle will return to if the resume button is activated.
Q. How does the passenger airbag sensor work in my INFINITI vehicle?
A. The front passenger seat is equipped with an occupant classification sensor (weight sensor) that turns the front passenger air bag OFF under some conditions. This sensor is only used in this seat. Failure to be properly seated and wearing the seat belt can increase the risk or severity of injury in an accident.

Roadside Assistance

Q. What information do I need when I need to call in for road service?
A. Name, call back phone number, VIN, location of disablement, color of vehicle, exact current mileage, name of Retailer to tow to, will you be riding with the driver?, does the vehicle go into neutral gear?
Q. Does my Retailer know my vehicle is coming in for service?
A. Upon dispatching a service provider, via fax or email, your Retailer receives notification that your vehicle is on the way.
Q. What if I believe the Service Provider has damaged my vehicle?
A. If you believe the Service Provider has damaged your vehicle while servicing it, follow these steps:
  1. Immediately take photos or videos of the damage.  If possible, attempt to capture photos and videos prior to the service provider unloading the vehicle.
  2. If possible, make note of how the vehicle was towed in (non-flatbed, wheel lift, no straps, etc.).
  3. Call INFINITI Roadside Assistance and report the damage.  The roadside agent will explain the process to you.


Q. What is INFINITI InTouch?
A. INFINITI InTouch™ integrates navigation, convenience, security and entertainment into a dash-mounted state-of-the-art system. Depending on the model, year and trim, your vehicle may be equipped with INFINITI InTouch programs like INFINITI InTouch Services, INFINITI Connection, INFINITI Navigation, SiriusXM Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and much more.
Q. How often should I update my map?
A. To keep your navigation system performing at its best, it is important to update your map every time a new map is released. That’s because up to 15% of roads and points of interest change between each map update release.
Q. How do I get started using INFINITI InTouch services?
A. If you purchased your vehicle new, you may have a complimentary trial available, but you will need to enroll to take advantage of that trial. It’s never been easier to get started, just follow the steps below.
  1. Just ask your retailer to enroll you.
  2. Rather enroll on your own time? You can also find us on the app store.
  3. Download the INFINITI InTouch Services  App.
  4. Or log in/register for a MyINFINITI Owner Portal Account.


Q. If I am paying by check, where should I send my payment?
A. You can mail a check or money order made payable to IFS to the address designated for your account type. The payment addresses can be found on the Payment Options page.
Q. How do I make a one-time payment online?
A. Once logged in, you can submit a One-Time payment by clicking on ‘Payments’ in the top menu bar. Our single payment option is offered FREE of charge and allows you to schedule a payment using your savings or checking account.
  1. Log in or Register
  2. Under the Payment Snapshot section, click ‘Make a Payment’
  3. Choose from one of the payment options
  4. Follow the instructions on the page and submit the payment. After the payment is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email

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