US Military Lease or Purchase Program

Who's eligible?

US Active and Reserve Military: Eligible participants are either Active or Reserve duty members of the US Army, US Army National Guard, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Air National Guard, US Coast Guard, US Public Health service Commissioned Corps, and their spouse/domestic partner.
US Military Veterans: Must be within 12 months of separation from Active or Reserve duty
US Military Retirees

If eligible, what are the benefits?

A custom price to lease or purchase any new INFINITI.  Amount will vary depending upon the vehicle selected, just let us know you are eligible and we'll provide the custom military pricing options.
Also, if financing, a custom annual percentage rate (APR).  Apply here and we'll show you.

Still have questions?  We're here to help.  Call or text us at +1-305-690-6006.  

Thank you for your service.