Power and Handling of the 2022 QX60

Power and Handling of the 2022 QX60

Power and Handling of the 2022 QX60

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INFINITI promised drivers capable performance and a confident ride and boy do they deliver with the all new 2022 QX60! This stunning SUV is the brand’s upcoming three-row crossover boasting an award-winning powertrain, a wider gear ratio that ensures more comfortable cruising, and quiet confidence. To learn more about the power and handling of the all-new INFINITI QX60, keep reading below! 

Can you talk about the QX60’s power?

Under the hood of the QX60 SUV, drivers will find the award-winning 3.5-liter V6 engine delivering up to 295 horsepower paired with an all-new 9-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain duo delivers the ideal balance of fuel economy and power as well as refinement and response, the perfect addition to INFINITI’s QX lineup. It is easy to see, this model boasts a direct and linear acceleration feel that gives the driver confidence from the city to the highway. The all-new 9-speed automatic transmission has a larger ratio speed, almost 10:1, which delivers an impressive standing start performance. This wider gear of ratios improves performance metrics while also enhancing ride comfort. These imperceptible gear changes are complimented by INFINITI’s Active Torque Mount that quiets the interior by isolating engine vibrations. The shift-by-wire system opens up the center console area, making room for the INFINITI Drive Mode Selector that boasts five selectable modes. Those modes include Personal, SPort, Snow, ECO, and Standard. They allow the driver to tailor each driving experience behind the wheel to meet their needs. 

Could you talk about the QX60’s testing?

This powertrain was put through extensive calibration and testing to deliver drivers a relaxing but powerful ride. Throughout North America, INFINITI teams have spent thousands of hours and miles behind the wheel of the QX60 to fine-tune the SUV’s overall behavior, ride and handling, capabilities, and response. The INFINITI Arizona Test Center’s engineers subject the 2022 QX60 to severe heat in places like Death Valley, California where the temperatures reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This dessert helped the drivers ensure that the QX60 could handle cooling the engine when faced with those temperatures. 

Get Your Hands on the 2022 QX60

While the QX60 has not rolled onto the Warren Henry INFINITI lot just yet, it is coming and you can see the new model with the help of our sales associates! Give them a call and set up to be notified when the model does come in stock. In the meantime, explore all the fantastic INFINITI models that we currently have to offer in person down at the dealership or head over to our new inventory page, here on our website, and explore all our models from the comfort of your home. We hope to see you when the 2022 QX60 arrives!