Summer Maintenance for your INFINITI

Summer Maintenance for your INFINITI

Summer Maintenance for your INFINITI

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When it comes to summers in Southern Florida, we all know how hot and humid they can be. This is a pretty important time of year for your vehicle to continue functioning as it should, especially given all of the extra time off that you and your family will be having. Today, here at Warren Henry INFINITI, we want to take the time to discuss some important summer maintenance tips that should keep your INFINITI on the road the entirety of the summer! Nothing is more important than staying on the go, and we are here to ensure that you are getting all of the assistance you need to succeed. Keep reading down below to learn about important summer maintenance tips, and choose Warren Henry INFINITI for all of your Southern Florida and Miami maintenance needs.

Test Air Conditioning

No one wants to be living in or near Miami with broken air conditioning in their INFINITI. That’s why one of the most important summer maintenance things you can do is simply test out your air conditioning to make sure it is functioning properly. Anything that could be wrong with it should be addressed immediately, and thanks to our certified technicians, we’ll be able to cool you and your passengers down in no time at all once you schedule an appointment with us. Don’t suffer through the heat, beat it!

Check Tires

At Warren Henry INFINITI, we make sure that we offer all of the tire services you could need. This includes offering you new tires if yours have worn down, and even properly inflating tires if they are under or over-inflated. All of these problems can really wreak havoc on your drives, and could cause even bigger issues if they are left unchecked. That’s why we highly recommend taking the time to look at your tires, check the pressure, and make sure that the tread is not too worn down.

Get An Oil Change

One of the top services that we offer at our service center is an oil change. These should be performed at least two times a year, and so, if you’re long overdue for one, this is the perfect time to ensure that you’re driving around with fresh oil. You do not want to deal with the consequences of oil that have started to turn into sludge, as that can create costly repairs with your engine.

Replace Windshield Wipers

With summer comes hurricane season, which directly leads into a lot of rain. That’s why we highly recommend switching out your windshield wipers so you can make sure that no matter the weather, you can continue to see clearly out of your windshield. You do not want to be dealing with streaky windshield wipers during some of the most brutal storms in the summer!

Services at Warren Henry INFINITI

If you’re ready to make this summer count, then it’s time to make sure that your INFINITI is up for the job. Schedule a service appointment with us today, and we can make sure that our certified technicians get your vehicle back on the road just in time for that latest road trip. We hope to see you soon!

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