Sending us a Wire Transfer

For security reasons we reject or return wire transfers without proper documentation or notice.  Here's what we need in advance and how to send us a wire.

Documents we need in advance
Driver license and/or passport
Proof of residency (If no US driver license)
Also, if wire is sent for/by third party
Driver license and/or passport of third party sender
Signed third party funds affidavit
Also, if wire is sent for/by a company
Corporate resolution
Also, if wire is sent for/by an auto dealer
Current dealer license

Information we need in advance
Wire initiator name
Stock # or VIN if available
Amount being sent
Originating bank & country
Name of our associate who is assisting you

Transfer instructions
Domestic Wires
Bank: Popular Community Bank  
1550 NE Miami Gardens Dr. 
North Miami, FL 33179  
ABA (Routing) # 026008811  
Account # 1106704706  

International Wires 
Primary/Intermediary Bank: Wells Fargo Bank  
Beneficiary's Bank: Popular North America 
Beneficiary's Bank ABA (Routing) # 026008811  
Beneficiary Name: Warren Henry Automobiles
Beneficiary Account # 1106704706 

Still have questions?  Call or text us at +1-305-690-6006.